What is Vox Robora?


I see a need in today's world.

I see the need for someone to be a voice [vox] of encouragement [robora] to those individuals striving to combat the self-satisfying, personal deity culture infecting our youth and adolescents.


Self love and "personal truth" philosophies are infecting the minds of our children, thanks mainly to parents abdicating their duty to the state and political cowards pushing legislation to remove what remaining power we have left. Schools indoctrinate our children now even from kindergarten to be gods unto themselves while we are legally stripped of our remaining rights and abilities to raise our own kids. 

The halls of academia, once a robust sphere of learning and education are now echo chambers of liberal platitudes and SJW crusades. Diversity of thought is only encouraged if it fits nicely in a little box of political correctness and those of us with dissenting opinions are unwelcome in the discussion. Students with a conservative lean are encouraged to "check their privilege" and be silent as they are on the lowest rung of the intersectionality totem pole. As one author said it best-

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
— G. Orwell- Animal Farm

We are shouted down, cursed, insulted, mocked, threatened and even sued all in the name of "equality" and "tolerance". 

Pointing out this irony makes you a racist-sexist-bigot-homophobe, or any other character assassinating title used as a club to beat you into submission. If that doesn't work and you still refuse to keep your mouth shut, they appeal to the government to trample your neck with the jackboots they were up until recently, so willing to protest.

We are shamed under the banner of "love wins" while preaching the gospel of love. 


I have had enough.


We should not fear speaking out about our faith

We should not be shamed into silence

We worship a God whose defining traits are love, compassion, and encouragement-

It's about time we showed the world we are not afraid to stand up for Him- no matter what.

This site and its contents have been designed to spread the message of love and restoration God promises to His people.

Vox Robora Bookshelf:

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are
— T. Roosevelt

God has given each of us intrinsic abilities and talents that are to be used for His sake, so that through His power and the sacrifice of Christ "many sons and daughters may be brought to glory".

That's why I'm here.

Rather than use my degree in electronic media and broadcasting and my slick video production skills to serve the pompous news outlets, or the hedonistic Hollywood elite, I choose to use my talents for the good of the flock.

Be sober minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour
— 1 Peter 5:8


We have a common enemy on this planet and despite what your favorite politician or celebrity tells you, it is not each other.

Satan the accuser- Beelzebub- the father of lies- whatever name best describes his character at any given moment, is gunning for you and me and takes malicious pleasure in watching us tear each other apart.

Misery loves company, as they say- and there is not a more miserable creature in all of creation.

He knows his days are numbered. He knows his time is short.

He will use all his cunning to bring you down to his level, if you let him.

We must rise above the base and common things of this world and unite in our pursuit to broadcast God's Word of love and understanding.

Welcome to the fight.

Suit up and defend your faith.