First things first

In church communities, there is a sense of urgency and desperation to ensure our younger generations continue to learn and grow in the knowledge of God. There can be a sense of desperation at the task, because the clock is ticking against us. Time itself is robbing us of many of the older warriors of the word, and the grey crown of glory has touched the heads of many that are left. I don't feel like I'm breaking a huge scoop when I say-

The ministry is old.

Not that there's anything inherently wrong with elderly elders, but the divide becomes even more apparent in the lack of connection the attending youth and those in charge- the two parties are having a harder time finding common ground. Culturally they grew up in different worlds so it's unsurprising such a rift has occurred. Love of God and country is sadly not as emphasized as much as this personal deity culture, free to pick and choose doctrine at will depending on what suits them currently. This is of course the mind of Satan and as much as it pains us to admit, this mindset is ever present and flourishing within the halls of Christianity.

I'm not saying I want to see us trying to appeal to the youth culture with things like Skateboard Jesus, or Buddy Christ- I'm not a big fan of the new age Christianity nonsense trying to make religion hip and apologizing for everything along the way. What I am saying, is we need to try to find some way of connecting with each other- this is where I think I fit in. 

Think of me like the fun loving Andy Dwyer meets Ron Swanson's austere facial hair (and then some). I'm young enough to still remember all the stupid things I've done, yet removed from most of it to have a sense of clarity on the matter. I love shenanigans, but also know when it's time to roll up my sleeves and get things done. I love playing kickball with kids, but do so maintaining a beard to make Paul Bunyan blush. 

I'm not so old that I forget what it's like to be stuck in a cynical culture saturated with hedonism and the peer pressure associated with it. I fought the same kinds of battles growing up, and I am proactively rewiring my brain to undo all the years of programming done by public school and college. Regarding those I grew up with in the church,  I saw many of my close friends slowly turn their back on God and I want to do my best to defend the people who remain. 

I feel like we've all had a person we were close to drift away from the faith, and I've often wondered what role I might have played to perhaps achieve a different outcome for them. This project is my response to those feelings. This is how I feel I can best utilize my talents and abilities, for a multitude of reasons, but primarily so that at the end of my physical existence, I'll not have felt I wasted my time on earth.

I have a BA in electronic media and broadcasting from Northern Kentucky University, where I studied how to create and produce all kinds of content for the internet. I primarily have been on youtube the most- my wife and I enjoy making adventure videos from our travels around the country, but as much fun as those can be to film and edit, I'm always asking myself why I'm actually posting my content. I think like most people, it's purely so that I can rack up as many internet points across as many social sites as possible. 

What a waste. 

The people of God, the flock of the Almighty is being decimated by the wolves and I'm over here making videos about cleaning fish? Not that there's anything inherently wrong with pursuits like that, but I'm wasting so many of the talents God inspired me to achieve, on content that ultimately is the chaff of my life. What I want now, is to use my time to give a voice [vox] of encouragement [robora] to the people who are increasingly fatigued by a society actively flushing itself down the toilet. 

As we begin this journey together, I would ask several things of you.

Keep an open mind.

Odds are, you're going to disagree with me on some things-I'll cover this more in my next post, but please don't go looking for ways to be offended by what I say. Those genuine moments will come soon enough- I promise.

Focus on critical thought.

I'll be talking about a wide range of things, based on conclusions I've attained after hours of brooding and meditation. I try to come to conclusions logically and if you see a flaw in my reasoning, let me know (respectfully, please).

Pray for me.

This is a big risk for me. I'm willingly putting myself in the internet crosshairs, fully aware of how much sleep and peace I'm going to be sacrificing in the future. I can use all the support you and God can provide. 

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.
— Zechariah 4:10


As we embark on this journey, please know that regardless of what I say and how it makes you feel, my attitude is not one of condemnation. I seek to share the glory of my Father, who is working in me, much like He desires to work in you.