This Might Sting A Little

I'm going to offend you.

It's going to happen at some point and when that time comes I would like you to ask yourself several questions.

Why am I upset?

What specifically upset me?

Is my anger justified?

Is my anger driven by emotion, or logic?

I feel like I should take a moment to preface this post and this entire website and its contents with a declaration of concern and support. I live my life with a "you do you, I'll do me" mentality, but at times I will disagree with you. I recognize some people may feel like my disagreements end with condemnation to everlasting hellfire.

Let's clear something up first, shall we?

I am not the judge of your salvation. I am not going to weigh you in the scales of justice- that's God's job. My place here on earth as a Christian is to try to get along with everybody on the planet as best I can. I look to the New Testament scriptures and see examples of people who were living amidst some of the most vile civilizations, yet maintained their Christian lifestyle to be a living example of just how great it is to live by God's commands. We literally get the word cretin from the island of Crete- a place known for being a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Yet here was a flourishing, vibrant Christian culture whose members were commanded to show love and compassionate concern to their neighbors and community. 

With the ease we're able to travel and communicate across the globe, the sense of community among neighbors seems to be dwindling. I understand the need to be protective of my neighbor for the same reason I would hope he feels the need to protect me. We provide a symbiotic relationship, wherein we both benefit. Now, the rule of Christianity is to think of everybody as your neighbor. Every single person you meet in your day is to be a neighbor to you, worthy of your protection and love. 

Despite my actions toward this goal, I am accused by those on a pedestal far removed from my life, (or what real life is for so many people) for not bending the knee to how they think I should behave. To them, love means accepting them for the person they are right now in this exact minute. To God, it means loving the person despite their flaws and actively encouraging growth and personal development. I'm not anywhere near where I hope to be by the time my final day ticket is punched. I'm working very hard to keep old Scott dead and buried in the waters of my baptism, because I know exactly just how badly that guy sucked.

When I hear groups accusing me as a Christian of being hateful, the first thing I think to myself is how selfish these people must be to assume I spend my Daily Loathing Quota on them. I use about 97% of my DLQ for myself and the rest for a select number of people I know personally. I can say with absolute certainty that I "despise" people of a different faith or lifestyle much less than the homeless vagrant who threatened my wife and verbally wished death upon my newborn after I told her to stay out of my yard.

With allll of that said, let's have a litmus test over just how much we disagree on things, shall we?

The SJW/Antifa/BLM/Leftist movement has been an alarming scene to watch unfold these last three years. Do you remember those kids in elementary school who couldn't accept they got out in kickball so they ran and tattled? Well, they're all grown up now, and instead of solely whining about the "unfairness" of the world, they've decided to cut out the middleman and take a bat straight to your kneecaps themselves. If that doesn't work, they'll just riot- oh I'm sorry, I meant "have space to destroy". 

These groups all rely on emotionally driven rhetoric, often focusing on skewed statistics, misleading information or outright lies to push their own agenda.

For example, the week I'm writing this, there was a terrible shooting in a small church in Texas. The suspect used an AR-15 to murder close to 30 people before he was heroically stopped and pursued by a civilian with another AR-15. The media outlets, ever hell-bent on their crusade to destroy the second amendment have done a disastrous and completely incompetent job reporting the facts, as Steven Crowder points out in this video. 

Just a week ago the media was lecturing conservatives for politicizing the most recent terror attack in New York City, aghast that anyone dare bring up immigration reform in the wake of such tragedy. Yet the day of this shooting the media (Hollywood included) sent up these lovely tweets about what else? "Common sense" gun control and the uselessness of prayer. This of course relies on their skewed vision as God as a gumball machine, distributing candy every time we chant our "magic words". 

The venom dripping off their tongues as they mock us knuckle-dragging invisible sky-friend worshippers is palpable. They ridicule our faith and accuse us of hypocrisy and lack of compassion, all while reveling in their own morally ambiguous filth. I assume if the killer really only thought of those slain as a "clump of cells", then he really wasn't acting out of line with his own moral virtues, and who's to say if that's a bad thing? Truth is subjective after all. 

Emotions are great- some are more constructive than others. Sadly, people are all too often willing to place emotions over facts on the pyramid of relevance which frames their world view. 

Caitlyn Jenner for example, feels very very strongly that despite having been born a man, his personal truth is one of gender fluidity. This has absolutely nothing to do with reality and is entirely in his head. Our subjective truth culture now worships at his altar and in a strange twist of fate seems to have abolished first wave feminism in the process. When Caitlyn Jenner won Glamour's Woman of the Year Award, he proved men are better at women than anything, even being a woman! This paved the way for men to be better than women at lots of things in the public eye, like Fallon Fox.

Fox is a transgender woman (man) in the UFC's women's division, and has made his claim to fame by repeatedly beating some of the toughest women in the sport. Is Fox truly a great female MMA fighter, or is he just a guy who's really good at beating up women? I mean he's really really good at beating up women. Even the UFC Women's Bantamweight leader and all around amazon Ronda Rousey refuses to fight Fox specifically because he's a man. 

Both of these men, feel very, very strongly about their identities, but they are identities formed from a lie. The truth is, they have some serious mental health issues, and Caitlyn seemed to have made this realization, if only briefly when he woke up from his first reassignment surgery with the completely rational thought "What did I just do to myself?".

I wish them both only the very best for the future, and I hope at some point in time, they get the help they truly need. For the present, forcing society to comply on a mass scale lie so these people can continue to live in a fantasy world seems like the opposite of helpful. People with Cotard's Syndrome who think they're really dead shouldn't be encouraged to "live their truth", neither should Jenner or Fox.

Now, I can go off on any of the tangents I've just demonstrated all day if need be, but I find that "having a discussion" on race, gender, etc. has a double meaning for some. For me, a discussion is a back and forth of ideas backed by credible evidence and rational logic. When people of a leftist liberal viewpoint say they want a "discussion" about any topic, what they really mean is, "Shut up, bigot. Here's your new cue cards"- and that's the end of it. Celebrities grandstand for all kinds of things and unless you agree with them complicity, you're a part of the problem, right Jimmy Kimmel?

Wow. What a rant, eh? 

I know the last few paragraphs have probably been fairly difficult for some people to wade through and the fact you've made it this far is a surprise to me as well.  

In the spirit of being honest with you I've made very clear allusions to some core beliefs I personally hold. If any of those beliefs offend you, please know I value your ability to disagree. My opinions are my own and I know better than to assume every person on this planet is either a functioning or malfunctioning replicant of me. God provided you with free moral agency and I'm not about to try to rob you of it by legislation. My line of friendliness and respect end when you try to force legislation on me.  

[Sidebar abortion advocates- 1. Quantifying certain human life as viable and other forms unviable is the basis for every historical figure advocating mass genocide since the history of ever. 2. Just because something is legal does not make it moral. You obviously have agency to do as you wish, but that does not mean your decisions are righteous and just. I know you were thinking that just now...hence the sidebar.]


Scriptures like Matthew 5:37 and Philippians 4:8 suggest to me we need to speak honestly and openly with each other. There are universal truths worth fighting for. They are worth pursuing even unto personal discomfort. It is not easy or fun to be the person who withstands wave after wave of assaults from those who violently disagree, yet as Christ was hated by His brethren, we too, must bear that burden if we are to call ourselves His disciples. 

Money, religion and politics are the three things we've all been told to avoid discussing in polite company, specifically due to their offensive nature. Allow me to set precedent and give a sweeping answer to all the thunderous emails and comments I anticipate in the future for including these topics in my content-

I'm not sorry.

I unapologetically will hold and share my opinions on a plethora of subjects like gay marriage, abortion, why the 7th day sabbath is still actually important and many more. At some point you will think I'm being insensitive, bigoted, or even too conservative for my own good. Here is what I would ask of you-

Instead of filling my inbox with irate keyboard smashing, consider why I'm saying these things. I've done my best to come to my conclusions by using logic and knowledge and very healthy doses of seeking wise counsel. You may have your own opinions and morals and preconceived notions to which I disagree strongly, but I respect you enough as a person to let you have those views. All I ask, is that you take a moment and remember I speak out of love and concern, no matter how prickly it may sound.